Sunday, 8 May 2011

Credits Style Tests

These are the initial shots of starting to texture and set up my camera for the credit sequence. I like how they have come out and I need to test how well it works with the time-laps sky that I will be using in the final shot. I am using dark text at the moment as it seems to stand out well against the current backdrop but may have to be revised depending on the final sky comp.

Here I have been playing with how the texture sits on the bridge. I obviously want he images to be interesting to watch as the text goes by and I also want to emphasis the shapes used and the heavy shadows they cast. It has been great playing with this and after managing hide where the texture tiles meet I have a great opportunity to play until I am satisfied.

I have also been working on the support cables on the left. I want them to be textured well and by using occlusion I have managed to emphasis them and how they are formed wrapped around each other.

I have started looking at all the space I can use in the shots and have been playing with some different coloured text. For example I have done it here for the music on the base of the bridge and I think it works well. Plus everything is not so compressed together on the felt hand side. I am happy with how it is looking and I need to start looking at what I am doing with the base and how the credits will end.

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