Sunday, 15 May 2011

Self Promotion

To promote myself at the end of the course I have signed up to a number of sites to help show my work and myself to possible employers. I have found these have already managed help me expand my network and connections I have in the industry.


Vimeo Portfolio:​channels/​ssd

On these I have put all my work I want to show to date but still have some pieces like my Major Project that I have to put up there. This is great for putting my showreels onto, to send to people to show them the kind of pieces I produce.

Behance Network:

This is the online portfolio I have produced to go onto my linked in site based on the Vimeo I have above.


On here I have a professional profile so that businesses can see me, what I do and the past experiences I have had. It is a sort of online CV if you like. It is great and shows that I am not just a student, I am an animator that wants to get out into the working world. On here I also have a link, and an application to my Behance Portfolio.


I have been against twitter for quite some time and didn't want to become a part of it until I found all the studios and designers around the manchester area use it. This is great to keep in touch with them and see what they are looking at and see what openings they have. I have set it up not to keep in touch with friends but to keep in touch with what is going on in my area!

Next Step

I have designed a new business card and other promotional material which I am producing for the show and I also have plans to setup a website and a new blog as I want to continue blogging but I feel as if some other blog sites are more relievant to what I do and are better looking than this one.

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