Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tweak Week Presentation

This week we all presented to our peers and our tutors to get feedback on what we can improve on in the last week. I always find this really helpful and it gave me a great boost. I have enjoyed the project but over the last weeks have just been getting stressed with it (until I got my poster back printing actually). This was a massive boost though as many people on they're mark sheets said I don't have much to do and how they think it looks great. I am really happy they think that as I can't really tell anymore. I'm just sick of the sight of bridges now I think.

This has given me a great boost for the last week and I think that I am happy with the titles and will not change them at all. The text in the credits is still hard to read so in response to that I sorted out that problem with timing and too much movement in the shot. It has been rendering overnight and should be good to test this afternoon. I have experimented with motion blur and hoping that helps the interlacing problem I have had with the text moving so much in the shot. This last week will be an interesting one where I am mainly focusing on the support material making sure that covers all the decisions I have made as well as attempting to finish designing the App I have spoken about in my sketchbooks.

Not long left, and I want to do the best I can so just got to stick at it!

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